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  • Basic Motor Maintenance

    10/01/2018 - Motorvation
    Looking after your car to keeping motoring costs down. Lots of people come to us with issues that are easily preventable through basic maintenance and car care. If you carry out some basic regular checks you could keep your maintenance costs down and your car running for longer. Here is our guide to...

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  • De-icing - Do It The Safe Way

    11/12/2017 - Motorvation
    It’s that time of year again, the frosty mornings are here. That means that you are going to be de-icing your car, so make sure you do it safely. You need to thoroughly defrost your windscreen to drive safely and legally. You must be able to see through your windscreen. If you do drive with a frosty...

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  • Winter Driving Advice

    11/12/2017 - Motorvation
    In these winter months driving can be more difficult and more dangerous if you are not prepared properly. Conditions can change quickly and driving conditions can go from normal to fairly dangerous very quickly. Wet conditions can double breaking distances, while ice and snow can make braking distan...

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  • Free Winter Check-up

    11/12/2017 - Motorvation
    Is Your Car Ready for Winter? The change in temperature and road conditions can mean that your car needs to work a little harder to perform in the same way that it does in the summer months. At Motorcare, we will give your car a winter check for FREE. We will advise you on what to keep an eye on, a...

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  • 3 years MOT Competition Terms and Conditions

    10/08/2017 - Motorvation
    Win a Free MOT for 3 Years MOT Competition Terms and Conditions              There is 1 prize of an MOT each year for three years,          Win a Free MOT for 3 Years          The winner will be selected at random from Motorvation’s Facebook page likes (

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